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James C Beard
uploaded 02-21 @ 10:33 am
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C Dub said on Feb 21 @ 10:44am waiting for someone?
Wrestler said on Feb 21 @ 11:08am You look like an old WWF wrestle. I can't think of the name. Herr? Any idea?
James C said on Feb 21 @ 11:21am waitin' for D a v i d B e a n
jgalep said on Feb 21 @ 11:44am I said no solicitors!
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 21 @ 11:54am thanx for the warning.
jac said on Feb 21 @ 11:59am u look really scary..almost demented
Stabby McStab said on Feb 21 @ 12:11pm oh, not almost, full fledged!! you should work with him sometime....has a very large mail route with lots of nasty dogs.
James C said on Feb 21 @ 12:15pm Stabby: aren't you Canadian? that's a rhetorical insult.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 21 @ 12:46pm Heeeeeeer's Johnny!!!!
dubstyle said on Feb 21 @ 1:35pm YES
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 21 @ 5:29pm did you post more than twice?
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 21 @ 6:16pm it would be a great day for you if you got 50 one star votes wouldn't it? I give you 5* just to piss you off.
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Farewell my bearded brothers.