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James C Beard
uploaded 02-23 @ 10:27 am
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Green Jacket said on Feb 23 @ 10:30am Why the long face James?
jac said on Feb 23 @ 10:32am awww...wee sad face..wots up?
chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 10:33am not a team player? c'mon sweety, cheer up!
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 23 @ 10:35am did b e a n escape?
James C said on Feb 23 @ 11:05am isn't this how ryanhale smiles?
chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 11:07am turn that frown upside down!
ryanhale said on Feb 23 @ 11:08am james, you are correct.
Paragone said on Feb 23 @ 12:15pm boooooo!
k-fed said on Feb 23 @ 1:49pm popo-zoa! IP'S
kip said on Feb 23 @ 1:50pm what is my ip?
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 23 @ 1:56pm yes, i did escape and keyed his car.
C Dub said on Feb 23 @ 4:18pm yes, that's a ryan smile. you have the art in the background too, which is good. don't know if you painted it, but it's a start
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James C
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