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James C Beard
uploaded 02-24 @ 10:03 am
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benfRank said on Feb 24 @ 10:14am so you ARE coming to the throwdown...
benfRank said on Feb 24 @ 10:14am who gave you one star for this?
Finn MacCool said on Feb 24 @ 10:40am Ready to ride. Nice shot.
Corey said on Feb 24 @ 10:49am I wanna see some trials action on that thing!
James C said on Feb 24 @ 11:01am benfRank, I thought you did?
MADPHILL said on Feb 24 @ 11:17am this picture rocks so hard. The dog as your trusty bad ass sidekick, just made it for me.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 24 @ 11:39am sissy
GayWerewolf said on Feb 24 @ 12:03pm James is that a dog or a beard I'm attracted to....
Jesse Anjyl said on Feb 24 @ 4:36pm
Jesse Anjyl said on Feb 24 @ 4:37pm I'll be biking to the throwdown tonight, but only on a BMX. My musclebike needs some lovin'.
Jim Elliott said on Feb 25 @ 8:41am Great shot. *****
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James C
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