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uploaded 11-09 @ 3:39 pm
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jeremy said on Nov 09 @ 8:54am i'm not saying a word...
Paul said on Nov 09 @ 8:55am Lance! You got in by the skin of your teeth.
dubstyle said on Nov 09 @ 8:55am me either
Paul said on Nov 09 @ 8:56am But, per rules; burns must be trimmed, so they don't go past the ear:
(per Rules & Regulations)

You must be clean shaven. This is the one rule that stands firm for a proper Whiskerino. Allowable hair types: eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns, nose hair, ear hair. Sideburns must be trimmed to the earlobe (see Figure 13). Banned hair types: mutton chops, goatee, neck hair, moustaches. No exceptions.
creole said on Nov 09 @ 8:58am least from this angle, the sideburns look longer than the lobe.
webelrino said on Nov 09 @ 8:58am I know ... I'm joining the race a little late, but I'm planning to catch up by using ChiaPet seeds. Plus, I'm sitting in a pink chair.
Mackle said on Nov 09 @ 9:01am i agree - burns are way too long and that's not a clean shave. if you're gonna come in late, you still gotta play by the rules.
webelrino said on Nov 09 @ 9:06am Wow, you guys are quick! Yes, this photo was actually taken on Sunday before I was acccepted (I was told to upload that one). After I saw Figure 13 myself yesterday I shaved 'em off.

Give me a chance to get to a razor this afternoon and I'll come completely clean (and repost a photo).
Paul said on Nov 09 @ 9:10am Good man.
M. Augustus Turner said on Nov 09 @ 9:13am Sweet haircut. Deuce colored.
Grizzly Adams said on Nov 09 @ 10:07am You are my hero!!

I was not able to get in...not that I can grow a beard anyway...........

Good luck!
Sock said on Nov 09 @ 11:23am Lance...don't take the crap! They're just jealous of the chair.
Val said on Nov 09 @ 11:41am Do I detect bi-colored head hair in that picture? Or is the lighting creating the effect?
Mackle said on Nov 09 @ 11:43am No seriously.. you should shave to start things off right.
Val said on Nov 09 @ 11:46am You know if Brian could enter....but I guess the response has been "overwhelming" and no one can enter. Besides....his work won't allow a beard. Just goes to prove what Whiskerino's homepage states.
Paul said on Nov 09 @ 11:55am I do believe Lance is at school (teacher); so he may not be able to upload a new picture till later.
webelrino said on Nov 09 @ 1:04pm Don't worry, fellas ... I'll be heading home fairly soon to shave, photograph, and upload a new pic. Too bad the comments will disappear when I do. And yes, the hair is two-toned. :)
Paul said on Nov 09 @ 3:54pm Very good. Nice additions to the face. Very 50's-neato-just-joshing sorta feel.
RyanHale said on Nov 09 @ 3:55pm figure C. is something you don't want to know about.
sibhod said on Nov 09 @ 4:20pm wow, perfect rendition
M. Augustus Turner said on Nov 09 @ 4:37pm Best shot yet.
Herr Neas said on Nov 09 @ 4:39pm well-done and welcome
Mackle said on Nov 09 @ 5:05pm ahhhmazing. Great start to what should be a wonderful beard.
j.goforth said on Nov 09 @ 5:10pm here you all should see
a guy, who at this point, is
quite the gentleman.
Lizard said on Nov 09 @ 5:19pm The last time I saw you, you looked like Sting ... Now you look like David Bowie ... who are you really?!?!?!?! Scarry ... Welcome aboard!
eightbitonline said on Nov 09 @ 6:23pm mad respect for setting that up in actuality as opposed to photoshopping it in.
webelrino said on Nov 10 @ 4:48am Thanks, fellas. Cutting out those letters almost drove me insane. :)
Grizzly Adams said on Nov 10 @ 5:19am Perfect. You are still my hero.
dubstyle said on Nov 10 @ 7:27am beautiful. 5 stars.
dday said on Nov 10 @ 3:42pm WOW! Here's a teacher gone celebrity! I don't think I've ever seen you in a suit, matter fact I didn't even know you owned one. I think you look like Christian Slater in this picture....maybe. Keep growing that beard. I want to see Paul Bunyan by Christmas!
zakkmps said on Nov 10 @ 4:19pm wow. are you old enough to grow a beard?
Scrivener said on Nov 10 @ 7:02pm See, if we were allowed to use Photoshop, this wouldn't be all that big a thing. But since you did it all manually, it's brilliant!
rachel said on Nov 14 @ 7:31am who took the photo?
webelrino said on Nov 21 @ 9:01am I took it. Self-timers are wonderful things. :)
Porsha Lynne Thrown, II said on Dec 03 @ 7:45am Did you use "Dippity Do" on your hair?
name? said on Jan 15 @ 7:09pm you sexy thang
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