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uploaded 02-20 @ 2:18 pm
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webelrino said on Feb 20 @ 2:18pm Fellas, I might have to choose between unemployment and shame. Tomorrow I'll be going to Chicago to interview with Nova Group (clame) to teach in Japan next year. They'll be looking for clean-cut professionals to send into that very sensitive and rich culture next year ...
Blankenship said on Feb 20 @ 2:20pm We won't hate you. Much.
ryanhale said on Feb 20 @ 2:21pm this decision is worth it for this photo.
Herr Neas said on Feb 20 @ 2:21pm you do what you gotta do
gillian said on Feb 20 @ 2:24pm DO NOT WORK FOR NOVA. And for god's sake, don't SHAVE for NOVA. If you would like specifics on why I would warn you so vehemently, feel free to email...
Paul said on Feb 20 @ 2:25pm so no more CHCA?
Creative Liberty said on Feb 20 @ 2:30pm Dont do it...expain to them that you look Japanese when you are clean shaven and that the Beard will distinguish you from the 3 bazillion there.

Or just tell them youre in a beard contest and it will be over this weekend.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 20 @ 2:32pm Besides, NOVA is a tree loving, hippie, beard loving organization. IF you shave they wont hire your. If you dont shave they will hire you on beard merit alone.
madlonman1701 said on Feb 20 @ 2:35pm well if you do decide to shave, try some different styles and share with us all. Hopefully it will not come to this, but you need to do what you need to do.

Best of luck
Herr Neas said on Feb 20 @ 2:37pm i can vouch for gillian. she is a dear friend and has taught in japan.
Mateo said on Feb 20 @ 2:40pm Hey, who's that professional looking guy in the "shame" shirt? He looks so responsible!
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 20 @ 2:53pm could you show the guy in the "unemployment" shirt where the restroom is?
Corey said on Feb 20 @ 2:57pm Wow - it would be incredibly sad to see to shave... especially so close to the end, but I would understand.
webelrino said on Feb 20 @ 3:05pm I still haven't decided which is the angel and which is the devil. Hmm ...
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 20 @ 3:05pm no comment. wait, that's a comment. darnit.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 20 @ 3:06pm you have tough decision grasshoppa.

Scrivener said on Feb 20 @ 3:11pm It certainly would suck to see you shave a week before the finish line, but you have to do what you have to do for your long-term benefit. You know we all love you anyway.
Mackle said on Feb 20 @ 3:14pm couldn't you just trim the beard so it wasn't a giant massive wooly beast? that way you still have a beard and you look fine for the interview.
sh4wn said on Feb 20 @ 3:17pm if you brought photos of your MVB photos, sharing the story of the beard contest, maybe they would love you even more. who doesn't love a dedicated to the arts kind of teacher? it shows passion, longevity, creativity, and desire to encourage others in chasing their dreams.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 20 @ 3:19pm you may want to just trim anyway. if you fully shave that beast you call a beard, your face may look red and weird for a day or two.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 20 @ 3:22pm Yeah, S4wn, I can see it now:
(cue foggy intro)

"So Mr. Weblerino (or whatever your name is), I see here you locked your kids out the classroom while you changed into a giant bannana outfit. Then on 2/7, you appeared dead on the floor of the gym. And I just love the Bass-Cam."

ryanhale said on Feb 20 @ 3:28pm by the way, i wrote a very funny and insightful scrivener-length comment that on your first photo, and then you reposted and it was lost. i hate this Nova Group for the death of my comment.
J Andrew Taylor said on Feb 20 @ 3:31pm No Va.
Does This Make Ryan Smile? said on Feb 20 @ 3:34pm HP said on Feb 20 @ 1:27pm what's 8 days early, in the big scheme of everything? entered late, exitted early. would be socially acceptable at most normal gatherings....

the big rhetorical question is: which will matter more in eternity?
J Andrew Taylor said on Feb 20 @ 1:30pm i'm glad i have a push over for a boss.
Mackle said on Feb 20 @ 1:39pm quite the quandry. it always surprises me how little vision future employers have. like - they can't possibly imagine you without a beard? you wouldn't be leaving for awhile and it would be easy to explain that you would be clean shaven if you got the job. Its perfectly understandishable if you need to shave but it would be a prime example of the power of the man.
ryanhale said on Feb 20 @ 1:49pm webelrino, just keep the beard, show them your whiskerino photos, and they'll understand that you're an ok guy. sure you've dressed as a fairy, as spiderman, admitted to hiding a cam in a fish to watch school kids, took a photo with a package of depends, wore a jv girls' track uniform, drank wiper fluid, posed as a banana, sported a 2 day mohawk, and pasted grass seeds to your face, but i don't think a having a beard will be a problem.
Herr Neas said on Feb 20 @ 2:00pm bummer
esme said on Feb 20 @ 2:05pm will there be any japanese people at the interview? if not, then I'm sure you would be able to win the interviewers over.
Mateo said on Feb 20 @ 2:06pm Hey, if you gotta TCB that's cool. You've more than proven your beard spirt. You'll still be shamed of course, but those are the rules, and if we didn't have rules we'd have (friggin') anarchy.

CLAME for my favorite webelrino picture.
stan said on Feb 20 @ 3:47pm yeah, im with mackle. a trim and a jawline shave would suffice.
ryanhale said on Feb 20 @ 3:47pm yes, yes it does. i love rereading my words, as i think i have a slightly above average amount of cleverness.
noo noo said on Feb 20 @ 4:01pm You've earned 10 MVB's, so shave and get that awesome job. Your going out like a bearded star.
Robbie said on Feb 20 @ 4:13pm I say go for it, webelrino. No use in chancing it just to save the beard.
ryanhale said on Feb 20 @ 4:15pm don't listen to a quitter.
Steve said on Feb 20 @ 4:36pm No matter what you decide, you've shown everyone on here that you're a true winner. Good luck to you, webelrino.
webelrino said on Feb 20 @ 4:42pm gillian, I'm eagerly awaiting your return email. FYI, I have applications in to programs/schools in China, Morocco, and Guyana as well ... but I'd love to get any ideas from others who know of good opportunities to teach overseas for one year!

ryan, your comment confused me greatly, as I didn't re-post today. But I did update my profile 2 hours before posting this pic, so those comments are on my last photo (clame) instead.

Perhaps I've been thinking of this all wrong. Maybe the sheer magnificence of this luxurious beard will singlehandedly get me whatever job I want. Pennsylvania Avenue, here I come!!!
Robbie said on Feb 20 @ 4:43pm My heart just wasn't in Whiskerino any longer, Ryan. I'd rather not live a lie.

web: my comment still stands. A nice job in Japan > beards.
webelrino said on Feb 20 @ 4:51pm By the way, every time I've ever referred to my beard as "luxurious" (especially in "serious" conversations) it has caused the other person to laugh hysterically. Big props to Chad's mom (clame) for that.
ryanhale said on Feb 20 @ 4:55pm web, i confuse myself. forget that i mentioned anything about the repost.

robbie, i know man. it's cool.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 20 @ 5:26pm Hey i think the Japanese people will be in awe of your giant American beard. I think the students will be distracted though.
stephen said on Feb 20 @ 6:12pm DON'T SHAVE but if you do,may I have you're wiskers
wagyl said on Feb 21 @ 3:22am Robbie said that a nice job in Japan > beards.
There are strong suggestions from Gillian that NOVA is not a nice job in Japan.
I happen to be in Japan at the moment. I would side with Gillian on her comments regarding NOVA, although I have never worked for them (by choice).
I do know that there is high level of dissatisfaction expressed by both students and teachers.
clame for wikipedia entry
I have a beard.
I would not shave for them (or anybody).
Porsha Lynne Thrown, II said on Feb 21 @ 3:46am Your beard is luxurious, you use L'OREAL? ...becauuse you're worth it!
HP said on Feb 21 @ 4:58am do the interview first, then evaluate NOVA later based on the interview and info from gillian, et al. you can always turn it down at the last minute. would it just be a sabbatical from CHCA, or a severing? if you don't want to post that online, email me with a wazzup...
Lee said on Feb 21 @ 8:54am My friend had a great experience through JET (clame) I think it's a two year program, but you can go home after the first, which was her intention. However, she liked it too much to come back and stayed for the full two years.

Good luck to you!
Lee said on Feb 21 @ 8:55am Following suit, here's the Wikipedia article (clame) on the JET Programme.
webelrino said on Feb 21 @ 12:40pm Thanks, Lee ... I just found out about that today and will be doing some research. It's worth applying just to answer this question:

How did you find out about JET?
Through Whiskerino, a beard-growing competition ...
Brigham said on Feb 21 @ 4:18pm Don't do it! You're a teacher, and there's a tradition of bearded intellectuals in the West which the Japanese hold in high esteem!
maranda said on Feb 25 @ 11:18am Mr.Webel dont stop teaching for chca ur liek what people talk about

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