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uploaded 02-21 @ 9:09 am
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webelrino said on Feb 21 @ 9:09am Not only am I keeping the massive beard for my interview ... I'm going to wear a suit too!
YES! said on Feb 21 @ 9:15am WhooHoo!
Ziggy said on Feb 21 @ 9:16am Sweet!!
sh4wn said on Feb 21 @ 9:17am !
Finn MacCool said on Feb 21 @ 9:23am The beard gives you the chin that every good Batman should have.
Mackle said on Feb 21 @ 9:25am why don't more superheroes have beards? you and Davis need to collaborate on this quandry and report back.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 21 @ 9:29am Holy Unemployment Bat Man!!!

Just Kidding. If they can't appreciate you for who you are. Then who needs 'em.
dubstyle said on Feb 21 @ 9:30am ahahahaadamn
Justie Just said on Feb 21 @ 9:35am Holy Batbeard!!

If this was the Adam West-style costume you'd be on that other beard site in seconds flat.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 21 @ 9:52am Ever been atop any buildings in Cincinnati?
Davis said on Feb 21 @ 9:52am webelrino and i are... the SuperBeards.
Ray said on Feb 21 @ 9:55am Good luck with the interview! I hope you get the job! Glad to hear the beard is staying.
rachel said on Feb 21 @ 10:33am you should take this outfit when you visit hollywood, and then stand outside mann's chinese theatre and charge other tourists money to take a picture with you. perhaps even find a new career in this.
webelrino said on Feb 21 @ 10:34am MVC to Bean ... I'm rollin from that one! And yes, Davis ... we should form an elite crime-fighting squad!
ByronRaphael said on Feb 21 @ 10:41am Theres no need for me to say how much I like this photo.
C Dub said on Feb 21 @ 12:29pm looks like #11 is coming your way. glad this hero outfit accomodated your beard.
Professor said on Feb 21 @ 3:53pm You'll have to thank Hale for bringing to my attention the fact that you are thinking of moving to Japan to teach.

I lived in Japan from 2001 to 2003 and taught english there...

If you can help it, DON'T go work for NOVA. I am too lazy to read allthe other comments, but Ryan said you were also thinking about JET. If you can get in, that's what I recommend.

Nova treats it's foreign employees as disposible, and in fact, most Eikaiwa (english conversation schools) do that. They're not expecting you to stay long, nor do they expect you to have a full understanding of the labor laws there, so they jerk you around. In the last few years a general union has formed, and there's been a lot of lawsuits against the larger school for their shady policies.

I know a lot of people that did JET, and while they all weren't in the most exciting of places (in other words, not Tokyo). it was precisely that that got them a better experience. All the JET alumni I know speak Japanese fluently...People like me who were in Tokyo or Osaka (now I am generalizing QUITE a bit here, so I don't want anyone jumping all over me saying "that's not 100% true") as I was saying, in Tokyo or Osaka it's easy to jsut settle into learning "survival japanese"- just enough to get around, but not have any real conversations. JET pays well too.

If you want to know more about my experiences there, lemme know.
C Dub said on Feb 21 @ 4:07pm who gave dude a 4?
Jesse Anjyl said on Feb 21 @ 4:15pm It was probably the Jason Todd Robin. He never got along much with Bats anyways. I'm glad he's dead now.
Stephen said on Feb 21 @ 7:18pm Good for you,I am sure you would do an outstanding job with or without a beard
AT said on Feb 21 @ 8:58pm Box, who needs a job when you have such a fine, sumptuous beard? Coincidently, I currently have a beard. I wish I would have known about Whiskerino, blonde beards are not being adequately represented here.
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I was going to post a photo of my awesome new chops, but decided that I'd rather go out with girth.

Adios, Whiskerino.