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uploaded 02-24 @ 2:36 pm
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webelrino said on Feb 24 @ 2:36pm From Chicago to Cincinnati to Nashville ... I'm outta here! See y'alls in 5 hours!
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 24 @ 2:39pm we'll try to teach you how to speak appropriate southern.
nate said on Feb 24 @ 3:17pm this is grandnificent
Poe said on Feb 24 @ 4:07pm are you jumping in that portal behind you?
Patrick said on Feb 24 @ 4:39pm You're big in Japan.
Jaymz! said on Feb 24 @ 4:41pm Ahhhhhh!!!!! it's godzilla! *runs for life*
Jesse Anjyl said on Feb 24 @ 6:10pm Is that over by the Cloud Gate?
webelrino said on Feb 24 @ 7:17pm Yes, Jesse ... it's the Crown Fountain in Millenium Park (clame). It's pretty sweet ... with two 50-foot glass block towers that have video images projected onto them and a fountain spurting out the middle of each (in the summer, at least).
Another Rachel said on Feb 24 @ 7:30pm wow...portal...that's a much faster way to travel than driving. You're so cool.
rachel said on Feb 25 @ 12:54pm you look huge
Ryan Dwain Rayborn said on Feb 25 @ 2:03pm i'll agree. this is magreaticent.
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I was going to post a photo of my awesome new chops, but decided that I'd rather go out with girth.

Adios, Whiskerino.