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uploaded 02-26 @ 12:56 pm
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webelrino said on Feb 26 @ 12:56pm Cave city? What a bunch of shavers.

Hey, it was a pleasure meeting y'all ... it truly was fantastic to match voices and personalities with the faces I've been seeing for months. A special thanks goes to sh4wn and his family for being great hosts. Now's it's on to Chicago again for a 4 day conference ...
creole said on Feb 26 @ 1:06pm You look so...purple. Are you really cold?
Creative Liberty said on Feb 26 @ 1:06pm We missed you this morning man!!!
sh4wn said on Feb 26 @ 1:13pm cheers my friend. great to hang out this weekend.
Jimbolaya said on Feb 26 @ 1:53pm On the way to visit Ronnie in Glasgow?
HP said on Feb 26 @ 3:52pm very reassuring to see the familiar open mouth return...
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 26 @ 4:06pm what a great sign. glad you risked your life to pull over and get the shot.

great to meet and hang with you web!
ByronRaphael said on Feb 26 @ 7:24pm Man, stay away from Cave City. Too many clean faces.
Justie Just said on Feb 26 @ 7:41pm Nice meeting you, man!

Kim says you're the best looking beard.. that means, next time, you and I have to fight.
Another Rachel said on Feb 26 @ 8:36pm Hey! I know that sign...I see it on my way up to Pittsburgh (well, at least somewhere before Cincy, right?) You weren't at brunch this morning! What's the deal?!
C Dub said on Feb 26 @ 9:34pm it was a pleasure meeting you, sir. great shot as always. look forward to future shenanigans.
Bethany said on Feb 27 @ 5:49am I had a dream last night that you had shaved. It was more like a nightmare, really. So don't do it!
Paul said on Feb 27 @ 5:51am ha. funny. i stopped in cave city as well ... to get pictures of the dinosaurs at the dinosaur museum -- glad you made it back safe. and so glad you came out
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I was going to post a photo of my awesome new chops, but decided that I'd rather go out with girth.

Adios, Whiskerino.