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uploaded 12-29 @ 4:45 pm
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creole said on Dec 29 @ 4:47pm come on snake eyes...I mean...don't farkel
Scrivener said on Dec 29 @ 5:33pm Uh-oh, that ogre did 6D6 damage with his halberd to your half-elven ranger. Better make a saving throw.
Dr. Jones said on Dec 29 @ 7:05pm 6d6 dmg... yow. That's one badass halberd.
sh4wn said on Dec 29 @ 8:39pm nice perspective. oh yeah...dr., i think that's halbeArd. silly dr.
Wells said on Dec 29 @ 10:30pm YO!!!!!
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had been growing and showing for 120 days
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location: Nashville, TN
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I'm a professional web developer living in Nashville, TN. I work at ICGLink in Brentwood, TN. Check out our office webcam ( I'm hiding behind the wall in the design department.

AIM: mydognacho

Big ups to my wife, Jaime for being to so tolerant of me living the bearded life.

Thanks to all of you for spurring me to greater and greater creative endeavors. Thanks to Mackle for imagining a world where beards are the norm and for building a site to prove it.

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