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uploaded 01-20 @ 4:05 pm
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creole said on Jan 20 @ 4:05pm I'm sorry to say that I wan't completely honest with you guys...

Some things are just a dream I guess...
Mitch said on Jan 20 @ 4:06pm wow
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 20 @ 4:07pm good grief.
jess said on Jan 20 @ 4:08pm why state the obvious?!
Mackle said on Jan 20 @ 4:09pm two things.

1) ugh. gross.

2) is this blatantly photoshopped? what's up guys. I realize we're coming to the tail end of things but that doesnt mean the rules should be bent constantly. if it's not photoshopped i'd love to hear how you got the thought bubble to look completely superimposed.
Mackle said on Jan 20 @ 4:11pm and maybe that's a finger I see holding the main bubble ... and maybe I feel like an ass for #2 above.. but I'd still like to hear how those secondary bubbles are floating so perfectly.
Creative Liberty said on Jan 20 @ 4:13pm I Love it...I photoshop...whats this contest coming to? "Here's yer sign..."
sh4wn said on Jan 20 @ 4:13pm i really liked the first one.
KC said on Jan 20 @ 4:15pm Oh, snap! That is HILARIOUS, Andy!!!

I'd call MVB on this one, but I think it woulda been better if you'd used it for your pic tomorrow.
sh4wn said on Jan 20 @ 4:15pm good call, KC. you had a lot of votes and comments before...
Corey said on Jan 20 @ 4:33pm I'm with KC - this would have been flawless for tomorrow. GREAT concept and well executed, sir.
Mateo said on Jan 20 @ 5:25pm I hate to be a picture nazi and we both love girls named Jaime, but as funny as this picture is, this does look doctored.
ByronRaphael said on Jan 20 @ 5:37pm Awesome.
Chad Pugh said on Jan 20 @ 5:46pm HALL OF SHAME HIM!!
? said on Jan 20 @ 5:51pm Are the bubbles attached to a glass?
creole said on Jan 20 @ 6:20pm As hard as I tried the picture with the fingers was the best one. I admit that I doctored the two little bubbles. I didn't have means of attaching them.

and yeah...I wish I would have thought about waiting until tomorrow. That WOULD have been awesome.
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 20 @ 8:17pm very well done creole, but i have to side with mackle on the photoshop deal. it could get out of hand. I gave you 5* anyway.
creole said on Jan 20 @ 8:34pm Say no more. I did what I had to do in this picture, but I'l lbe good for the rest of the contest.
Jim Renaud said on Jan 20 @ 8:44pm Did you know: The word "Photoshop" is not contained any where in the official rules page?
EL CLINTO said on Jan 20 @ 8:47pm no comment.
Alyssa said on Jan 20 @ 8:49pm Well, this does seem to be a problem. I have once again referred to the "Rules". Yes, photo altering is forbidden and we do have a confession. Considering the past 81 days however, one would be remiss in not questioning what the rules really are. Rick Kwan asked about the 51% rule; honestly, if he had shaved his cheeks as he seemed to be asking permission to do, would he have removed 51% of his facial hair? Then we have the "rule" that says you need to post with some regularity. Well, maybe I need to have my paralegal do some research, but I do not see anything about posting regularity listed within the "rules"; however many people - including Beardstein got cut for not posting. Of course - our man - CD is still there, because he is apparently an icon (rules of convenience). So.. Creole.. let those bubbles float baby - however they got there.
Mateo said on Jan 20 @ 10:33pm "The photo may not contain added text, graphics, or clipart unless in participation with a themed day." That covers photoshop and similar. But, since creole is participating in a theme then he's free and clear technically.

Plus this is dang funny and we' both love Jaime's (spelled the correct Bionic Woman way).
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 21 @ 7:15am Alyssa, As far as the 51% rule, I interpret it as 51% of the man's beard area should be safe from a razor, NOT that a participant could legally cut 49% of his hair. I have personally heard Mackle say he would HOS a certain participant if he cut one hair on his cheek because that participant technically couldn't grow a beard. My thoughts on CD have been published on the comments of his picture (which i'm sure you know where to find). As far as photoshop, I feel it stifles the photographic creativity of the participant if he knows he can go to software and doctor the photo after the fact. And that is what this community is based on, taking creative photos of your beard.
Mackle has done a fantastic job with this site. There are a lot of personalities to deal with and he has made everything run smoothly. Kudos to him.
creole said on Jan 21 @ 7:35am Ozzy...

If you're saying that "stifles the photographic creativity of the participant if he knows he can go to software and doctor the photo after the fact" then none of us should be allowed to even color correct a photo "after the fact" because you should just be able to get the look you want STRAIGHT from the camera.

Is that what you're saying?
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 21 @ 7:45am yes. but i'm not that strict man. Being able to do things with contrast and color evens the playing field for those of us with cheap cameras.
I see your point, and I love the idea and the photo (my wife was't quite as thrilled).
creole said on Jan 21 @ 7:48pm Well retrospect this was one of those pictures that I probably should not have uploaded. It was a funny idea that should have just stayed an idea.
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 21 @ 7:54pm bull crap man.
i love the picture, i've been contemplating all day how you could have successfully done the bubbles sans the shop.
chester the... said on Jan 21 @ 9:32pm wow man, everybody needs to chill out. whatever happened to no drama no feelings? are we dudes or what? funny ass photo man. rules suck balls anyways.
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