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uploaded 01-22 @ 12:46 pm
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creole said on Jan 22 @ 12:54pm Bought this painting from a friend of mine a few years ago. I was mesmerized the minute I saw it. It just has a compelling quality about the old man.
Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 22 @ 1:50pm this is nice work. one of my favorites today.
dubstyle said on Jan 22 @ 2:07pm Is that Gollum?
creole said on Jan 22 @ 2:45pm It's just some mentaly handicapped man. My friend, Tamara, used to work with these people doing art therapy of some sort. One day she asked this man if she could paint his portrait.
Val, Whiskerino Fan :) said on Jan 22 @ 2:47pm That's beautiful, Creole. I love older peoples' faces and hands.
Mateo said on Jan 22 @ 3:48pm Wow this is a nice painting. Thanks for showing us.
Creative Liberty said on Jan 22 @ 4:38pm I'm hurt.
creole said on Jan 22 @ 6:02pm Your painting has already been in several shots whiner...I wanted to show off another piece. But, so Creative Liberty doesn't flounce off and pout, here's some shots of my FAVORITE piece of art:

Ozzy Nelson said on Jan 22 @ 6:06pm I vividly remember the whiner's art in previous posts.
oops. i forgot he has a gun, and cool pics of them with ejected shell casings.
Creative Liberty said on Jan 22 @ 6:28pm Forgive me for not noticing, sorry. Those shots must have happened before I joined. Oh, wait...who's fault is that? Whoooo's one of my best friends who could have told me about the contest? Who was even asked about me by Jeremyokai?

How's that for whining? Did I do good? I can do better if you'd like?

Damn...that THUNDER was loud.
creole said on Jan 23 @ 5:17am Hell yeah it was...shook my whole house.
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Big ups to my wife, Jaime for being to so tolerant of me living the bearded life.

Thanks to all of you for spurring me to greater and greater creative endeavors. Thanks to Mackle for imagining a world where beards are the norm and for building a site to prove it.

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