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uploaded 02-07 @ 8:22 am
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J Andrew Taylor said on Feb 07 @ 8:27am i'm watching the stalker cam.

turn around and wave.
sh4wn said on Feb 07 @ 8:29am what flavor is that? cyanide?
Dr. Jones said on Feb 07 @ 8:29am Mr. Jones? Aren't you having some, too?
Paul said on Feb 07 @ 8:30am I told you that "church" was fishy.
creole said on Feb 07 @ 8:33am There you go JAT. If you didn't see me it's because I'm dead.
sh4wn said on Feb 07 @ 8:35am or because you promote the webcam, but you are blocked by a shelving unit...
creole said on Feb 07 @ 8:40am Could be that too.
creole said on Feb 07 @ 8:40am I didn't choose this desk...
J Andrew Taylor said on Feb 07 @ 8:47am didn't see it.

maybe because I'm dead too.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 07 @ 8:58am Psssst...I just learned that your boss's real name is Jim Jones...if he offers you any Kool-Aid dont take it...Hello? Creole? Creole?!!!
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 07 @ 9:31am i never would have thought you would be one to drink "the kool aid."
creole said on Feb 07 @ 9:51am A darling little girl was selling it in the parking lot. Who am I to pass up a junior entrepenuer?
J Andrew Taylor said on Feb 07 @ 10:52am the darling little girl has man hands.
creole said on Feb 07 @ 11:07am I should have known from her prominent adam's apple.
James C said on Feb 07 @ 12:03pm aftermath of the Merry Pranksters?
creole said on Feb 07 @ 1:04pm Who's that? It's just kool-Aid...or at least that's she told me.
creole said on Feb 07 @ 1:04pm Weird that she laughed as I walked away.
Paragone said on Feb 07 @ 3:52pm awesome.
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I'm a professional web developer living in Nashville, TN. I work at ICGLink in Brentwood, TN. Check out our office webcam ( I'm hiding behind the wall in the design department.

AIM: mydognacho

Big ups to my wife, Jaime for being to so tolerant of me living the bearded life.

Thanks to all of you for spurring me to greater and greater creative endeavors. Thanks to Mackle for imagining a world where beards are the norm and for building a site to prove it.

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