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uploaded 02-10 @ 10:46 am
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Blankenship said on Feb 10 @ 10:47am HOLY CRAP.
J Andrew Taylor said on Feb 10 @ 10:49am mvb
jeremyokai said on Feb 10 @ 10:49am amazering.
creole said on Feb 10 @ 10:52am Does this outfit make my butt look fat?
Dr. Jones said on Feb 10 @ 10:55am Nicely done, champion. I want shoes that glow like that.
bobby said on Feb 10 @ 10:56am now we see what gets Andy in trouble most of the time!
benfRank said on Feb 10 @ 10:58am MVB for shore
Paragone said on Feb 10 @ 11:01am awesome work!!!
ryanhale said on Feb 10 @ 11:02am so so so good.
esme said on Feb 10 @ 11:03am this is awesome.

it's not often I use that word twice in one day.
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 10 @ 11:10am great.
sh4wn said on Feb 10 @ 11:17am nice purse.
Another Rachel said on Feb 10 @ 11:23am Oh, this is great! Very creative! :)
T-Hog said on Feb 10 @ 11:27am mr. potato head gots a little spicey creole flavor
Poe said on Feb 10 @ 11:32am MVB!!!!
kimmarie said on Feb 10 @ 11:33am MVB if I could vote.
Scrivener said on Feb 10 @ 11:42am frigging amazing!
jnf said on Feb 10 @ 11:42am most valuable mr. beard head
Wells said on Feb 10 @ 11:46am sweet
Green Jacket said on Feb 10 @ 11:53am you win.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 10 @ 11:58am MVB
Carol said on Feb 10 @ 12:10pm Very COOL kiddo, you cease to amaze me on your creativitity...wonder where you got it!! Hope you get the MVB! I passed right by the pic and didn't even recognize you...
Patrick said on Feb 10 @ 12:13pm Nice, but none of those are actually sticking in your beard, are they?
Paul said on Feb 10 @ 12:16pm Damn you! I thougth I had a good picture today ... you blew me away. Awesome shot.
creole said on Feb 10 @ 12:18pm Well, the ears are taped on and the shoes are sticking up into my chin, which is housed inside my beard. So yeah...they're sticking there.
creole said on Feb 10 @ 12:19pm Thanks Paul...coming from you that means a lot.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 10 @ 12:38pm Andy, AMAZING creativity on this. This spuds for you.
Ozzy Work Neighbor & Toy Story 2 Fan said on Feb 10 @ 1:02pm Mrs. PH: I'm packing your extra pair of shoes and your angry eyes, just in case. Here's a quarter -- call me, and some monkey chow...
Mr. PH: Monkey chow? What for?
Mrs. PH: Well, for the monkeys of course!
Mr. PH: That's it. I draw the line at monkeys. Get my agent on the phone!
esme said on Feb 10 @ 1:03pm did you just watch that bit of toy story to make sure you got it right, ozzy?!
esme said on Feb 10 @ 1:04pm ozzy's work neighbour, even!
wilcoxjd said on Feb 10 @ 1:16pm you sir, are ridiculous
Corey said on Feb 10 @ 1:44pm Magnificent.
sh4wn said on Feb 10 @ 1:48pm oh yeah...i didn't mention this earlier, but nice shot, captain.
melina said on Feb 10 @ 2:02pm Woah! MV-P for Potato-Head!
deucer said on Feb 10 @ 2:11pm This is nice Creole, that red background helps this stand out.
ByronRaphael said on Feb 10 @ 2:21pm Amazing!
Finn MacCool said on Feb 10 @ 3:22pm oh my. MVB. Sweet mercy. Amazing.
AZBeard said on Feb 10 @ 3:33pm That's hilarious......great work!
Geezer said on Feb 10 @ 5:10pm Excellent
C Dub said on Feb 10 @ 5:44pm Magnificent!!

* * * * *
nate said on Feb 10 @ 7:20pm this is the funniest damn thing ive ever seen up here
Davis said on Feb 11 @ 12:10am how did i miss this?! amazing!
benfRank said on Feb 11 @ 12:33am so glad you won this.
creole said on Feb 11 @ 4:33am Thanks a lot everyone. I didn't think the idea was all that great to begin with. But I was really happy with this picture and you all affirmed it.
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