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uploaded 02-23 @ 8:00 am
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creole said on Feb 23 @ 8:01am My dogs wanted their chew toy back...but I told them not until I take the picture!
Green Jacket said on Feb 23 @ 8:04am NICE!!
C Dub said on Feb 23 @ 8:13am ooh, those are nice : )
Creative Liberty said on Feb 23 @ 8:18am I see you forewent the Lasick and had your lips and teeth did.
creole said on Feb 23 @ 8:22am Yeah...

Everyone always says the plastic guys in Beverly Hills are the best, but I think the local doctors did a superb job! And the nice thing is they took collagen from my OWN BUTTOCKS!!!
Another Rachel said on Feb 23 @ 8:22am You need to let C Dub borrow your smile...he's lost his.
creole said on Feb 23 @ 8:22am My favorite thing about this picture is the rogue hair by my right (left in the picture) nostril. It follows the curve of my nose perfectly.
ryanhale said on Feb 23 @ 9:20am that would qualify as a smile.
creole said on Feb 23 @ 9:24am I'm even smiling BEHIND the smile! Look at that those dimples!
chester the... said on Feb 23 @ 11:09am my what large teeth you have!
bobby said on Feb 23 @ 11:19am no wonder why my butt cheeks were so red!
Creative Liberty said on Feb 23 @ 11:35am Judging by the color of those lips I dont think the collagen came from the cheeck portion of your butt.
D a v i d B e a n said on Feb 23 @ 2:01pm Bigmouth strikes agian....huh ho...
creole said on Feb 24 @ 6:13am Is this thing on?
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Big ups to my wife, Jaime for being to so tolerant of me living the bearded life.

Thanks to all of you for spurring me to greater and greater creative endeavors. Thanks to Mackle for imagining a world where beards are the norm and for building a site to prove it.

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