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uploaded 02-24 @ 7:12 am
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sh4wn said on Feb 24 @ 7:15am EXCELLENT.

congrats man. have a safe trip. see you in a few hours.
ryanhale said on Feb 24 @ 7:18am man you don't even hide your porn. it's right there under the tv in the living room for everyone to see. thogh it's not all porn. i see bridget jone's diary in there too.
dubstyle said on Feb 24 @ 7:21am bridget jones left her dairy in there too long and it got sour.
Creative Liberty said on Feb 24 @ 7:28am Bridget Jones Diary is Girl Porn.
Poe said on Feb 24 @ 7:29am see you soon!
Corey said on Feb 24 @ 7:31am I can't wait, man. Have a safe trip.
Chris Mikesell said on Feb 24 @ 7:33am Your movies aren't categorized by alphabet. I see Seinfeld before Royal Tennenbaums
dubstyle said on Feb 24 @ 7:38am they're categorized backwards
Paragone said on Feb 24 @ 8:20am I love this ... You are a god. ..... cant wait to meet you.
bobby said on Feb 24 @ 8:33am bring the tv with you!
dubstyle said on Feb 24 @ 8:35am only if they let me carry on
James C said on Feb 24 @ 8:37am how many dvd's will have drool on them?
dubstyle said on Feb 24 @ 8:38am 9
ben said on Feb 24 @ 10:22am any more excitement and i'll pee my pants.
Finn MacCool said on Feb 24 @ 10:32am Good work. Give that beard some rest.
bluefish said on Feb 25 @ 6:36am while you're out for festivus, will you post to flicker, for the rest of us?
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This is it. This is the end of what is going to be such a beautiful beginning. I can honestly say that Whiskerino 2005 was exactly what I needed at this time in my life on so many levels. My deepest and sincere gratitude to Michael Eades. You are an unbelievably gifted and talented individual. Everyone, I will miss you all and cannot wait until we meet again.