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uploaded 02-17 @ 12:44 am
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Jaymz! said on Feb 17 @ 1:02am zia records
C Dub said on Feb 17 @ 3:18am y
C Dub said on Feb 17 @ 3:18am u
C Dub said on Feb 17 @ 3:18am got no mouth?
Ozzy Nelson said on Feb 17 @ 3:26am this theme has been brightening my every morning.
Poe said on Feb 17 @ 4:23am RYAN!
dubstyle said on Feb 17 @ 5:51am POE!
London Beard Guy said on Feb 17 @ 6:27am Hard to believe you beard looks better every day. Wish I had the nerve to let mine grow like that.

great painting- what media are you using?
Paragone said on Feb 17 @ 8:13am BOOOORING! ... just kidding. i like this.
Mackle said on Feb 17 @ 10:16am will the painting eventually have an ice cream cone involved?
ryanhale said on Feb 17 @ 12:03pm london beard guy, thanks for the comment. the medium is acrylic on canvas.

paragone, next to your ghost series, everything is boring. i understand this perfectly.

mackle, i doubt it, but i'll keep it in mind.
Justie Just said on Feb 17 @ 12:10pm get out of the way, jackass, I'm trying to look at the painting.
James C said on Feb 17 @ 12:12pm i think you missed a spot on that painting
dubstyle said on Feb 17 @ 12:13pm for some reason that's hysterically funny.
Justie Just said on Feb 17 @ 2:52pm At the end of the theme it will be revealed that we've been looking at a photorealistic painting of Ryan the whole time and then we all lose our shit and throw him up on our shoulders and call him our hero for life.

At least that's what Ryan has been hoping would happen since he was 12.
Sedo said on Feb 17 @ 10:53pm What is the song?
Jimmy said on Feb 19 @ 11:22pm I saw your face in the clouds today. Then suddenly, it was gone.
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