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uploaded 02-26 @ 9:59 pm
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ryanhale said on Feb 26 @ 9:59pm i look like a midget in this photo.
benfRank said on Feb 26 @ 10:02pm you do, but you love like a full-size man.
C Dub said on Feb 26 @ 10:05pm you look alot like a midget in this photo. you just earned a special place in my heart for posting such a thing.
T-Hog said on Feb 26 @ 10:07pm mackle is smelling pugh through your ear canal

good to meat you and i mean meat, not meet
C Dub said on Feb 26 @ 10:09pm hey little guy, whatcha drinkin'? mind if i nestle up into your beard?
Paragone said on Feb 26 @ 10:18pm Great to meet you this weekend. we must do it again sometime.
Jaymz! said on Feb 26 @ 10:29pm Ryan - your wife better watch out, cause mackle looks way to into that.
jeremyokai said on Feb 26 @ 10:41pm i love you.
T-Hog said on Feb 26 @ 10:41pm just one more look at this hairy drunk midget before bed.

Robozo said on Feb 26 @ 10:48pm Yeah, you do look like a midget in this picture. But what could be better than midget love?

Good to see you and Malisa again and Leigh was happy she finally got to meet you both. Thanks for the good times and hopefully we will see you two soon.
Justie Just said on Feb 27 @ 3:57am from the looks of it, you had a better time at the throwdown than any of us..
Kim said on Feb 27 @ 5:00am This looks like the beginning of some really bad porn.
Paul said on Feb 27 @ 5:43am Justie : I'm hurt, you've forgotten the moments we shared already?!

Ryan : I love you midget-boy
damnweather said on Feb 27 @ 5:54am there were people nuzzling ryan's beard pretty much any time you looked at him all weekend.
rachel said on Feb 27 @ 6:42am THIS, along with the commentary, just made my week start right.
whiskeytown said on Feb 27 @ 6:52am i love! how they look like they are about to eat you up and you look like you're bout it bout it.
Scrivener said on Feb 27 @ 6:54am You mean everyone else got to nuzzle with Ryan? Damn. All I got to do was drive him home after he'd been drinking.
ryanhale said on Feb 27 @ 7:09am scrivener, the others only show love for my beard, while you showed your feelings go much deeper than that. thanks again david.
Poe said on Feb 27 @ 8:14am this made my day! thank you ryan mackle and chad.
Mackle said on Feb 27 @ 8:19am i am only kissing his beard - not his actual face. and yes, i loved every minute of it (in the most hetero-erotic way possible).
Chad Pugh said on Feb 27 @ 9:17am I was trying to bite little pieces of his beard off because I knew I would miss him later less if I had a little of him inside my stomach. Also, I heard that if you eat a beard greater than your own, you gain it's properties.
Josh Cole said on Feb 27 @ 9:48am absolutely amazing, in a "hairy nuzzling hetero-erotic drunk midget porn" sort of way.
KC said on Feb 27 @ 11:04am First, Hale, it was awesome meeting you and everyone else...

Second, this photo takes the homoerotic thing to a new level here on Whiskerino...

Some hairy dudes snuggling like'm speechless.
ryanhale said on Feb 27 @ 12:25pm kc, i understand what you're saying, and the photo of you on the pool table was just pure, innocent fun.
Justie Just said on Feb 27 @ 12:33pm i was going to say "pure heat" but sure that works too.
Jessamine said on Feb 27 @ 3:12pm I think the word that everyone's searching for is homosocial. Just say it, and it feels right.
Scrivener said on Feb 27 @ 4:07pm oo Jessamine has read _Between Men_!
Scrivener said on Feb 27 @ 4:08pm ryan, I love you all the way through. And not just in a homosocial way.
creole said on Feb 27 @ 8:35pm It's like a Bear convention in this picture...except that you three aren't fat...or lumberjacks.
Dave Knapp said on Feb 28 @ 8:46pm I just saw this picture and read the midget comments and laughed out loud.
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